so the video wouldnt convert or upload to this site, so im just gonna announce the winner of the youth sized fob shirt in this text post.

thetaxidermyofyou congrats u won the giveaway ill msg u 

sorry for being an ass of a giveaway host and taking so long to announce the winner

and if we were having some type of unfinished conversation or i was trying to buy manga from u u can contact me here ill get an email if i get a  message here (usually. at least when notifications decide to work)

post i made when i thought i could handle a hiatus:

hi this is t a l a/tessa (previous urls: plastcbeach, hetoro, frickiero, bageltwists, williambeckett, rnugen) i’m going on a blogging hiatus because this website is a major contributer to my unhealthy obsessive tendencies (meaning always being on this damn site and always checking my notifications, of course always to find nothing there) i sometimes make personal posts on this site. its a place i can also just rant or talk about my day or whatever because it feels like someone’s out there reading or listening. i don’t get that impression anymore, so basically i’m wasting away spending all my time on this site and there isn’t even any reward (attention). it was supposed to be my utopia where i can feel comfortable and free to express whatever i want without the risk of feeling judged. well there sure is no risk because no one at all is reading. this is all the more of an indicator and a reason to stop using this site. i’m not going to delete my blog because i know i’d regret it. but i don’t want to add new posts. i have about 80 in my queue so if you see any in the next week or so, that’s all it should be. if you ever reply to my posts/talk to me/care about me or we have a mutual following or if we’re friends, please don’t unfollow. actually if you even like my blog or have anime series in common with me or we have similar blog types/interests, you don’t have to unfollow you know!! i do intend to come back when i can learn to not log in as frequently and be so addicted to this. i’ll be back and i really don’t want to lose people who share interests in me or actually like following my blog. i doubt this is the end of the line for this blog. it’s just that it isn’t the healthiest thing for me right now, and if you DO care about me at all hopefully you’ll understand that and support me and not just unfollow and abandon me. i will still be using facebook and twitter. you can message me for my facebook link if we know eachother well enough. my twitter: i’ll probably log in from time to time just to see if i have any new messages, which isn’t likely. but i will. thanks for understanding and sorry. and remember. I DO WANT TO KEEP IN TOUCH SO IF YOU WANT TO TOO, DONT HESITATE AT ALL TO ASK FOR MEANS OF COMMUNICATION/TO MESSAGE ME bye ps contact me we know eachother and you want to run while im on hiatus pps’


but alas this wont work what i need is to delete that accoutn so i did

this account used to be my post limit one

if you want to keep in touch send a message here and i can give you my skype or fb or twitter or st

im weak i dont need a site like this while im weak so im deleting my main account

thank you so much to the few people who sent kind messages it really means a lot tha t you care and im sorry

and about the fob giveaway: i made a video of me pickin the winner but idk how to convert it if someone can figure that out for me i can post it and dont worry im still sending the prize


theres no way im ksissing that guy